Macarena Ortuzar 

I have been performing and leading classes and workshops for the past 10 years here in England.  Before that I was taking a great dance journey through places and people in New York, Japan and Chile. It has been a long and very interesting journey of dance and life married together for good.

I decided to come back to dance, teach and perform after 5 years of a pause when I moved to the UK in 2005 and became a mother after giving birth to my two daughters. The body then became a three and I had to learn to adapt to a very different and isolated environment in a country and culture very new and alien to me.

This pause was a necessary and crucial time to find the truth in my intentions of why dance was important to me, and how I have truly understood all my experiences, especially the ones working with Min Tanaka in Japan and understanding how it had grown through my years away.

Butoh was a fundamental influence in my search for the true spirit and power of Dance. It was only after 10 years of search for deep connections that I had an opportunity to train and live in Japan, thanks to the invitation from Min Tanaka to work and dance with him and his troupe.

All this happened after years of preparation for it, it was an honour and the most severe training I could ever image.

Min Tanaka still dances worldwide and under no umbrella of names of Butoh or Body Weather  (he was the creator of Body Weather and the first generation of the Butoh Movement originated by  Hijikata )

I do not call myself a butoh dancer, I do not teach Butoh. How could I.

The emergency to dance again moved me to perform for the first time in Oxford at a platform for dancers organised by Butoh Group Cafe Reason. It was a piece I called "Virginia" in memory of an important time of transition that I experienced after I left Japan and was in the mountains of Virginia in America.

It was at this first attempt to dance again when I meet Bruno Guastalla, one of the greatest Oxford Improviser becoming my collaborator since 2010 and still is. We created the MUE Dance and Sound company and have performed since then many times and in many places, mostly the very unconventional ones.

It was always my conviction to remain an independent female artist, an independent Dancer and to try my hardest to not belong to a name, technique, umbrella or institution. The work will take a life time.

I have leaded several dance movements workshops in London organised by Visual artist and dancer Mirei Yazawa, and thanks to her I was able to teach outside Oxford and take my experiences to London.

I have also been a guest teacher for Butoh UK, an organisation led by Marie Gabrielle Rottie in London with clear intentions not to teach butoh but share what I have learned in Japan working so close to Min San.

There have been a series of Out Door Dance and Movement workshops I have leaded  in Oxfordshire and Bristol. All day workshops in the woods and nature where all the experience I had in Japan at the Body Weather Farm could find a way to stay alive and was an opportunity for me to keep exploring and developing with others.

I moved away from the country side to start a life with my two kids in Oxford and since 2017 I have been running weekly classes, workshops and Labs. They have been joined by great experienced dance and sound improvisers as well as non -dancers and kids too.

" I am always on my way to find a way to keep the true spirit and the power of dance alive"


1991 – 1996

B.A Hons, Dance Major Studies. Universidad de Chile, Santiago.

The course was based on the studies of Laban Technique as well as contemporary techniques such as Graham and Improvisation. Other subjects included History of Art, Music and Drama.



Alvin Ailey School of Dance, New York:

Full-time student for two semesters of Contemporary Dance Techniques.

Martha Graham, School of Dance, New York:

Intensive summer workshop of Graham Technique.

Movement Research School of Dance, New York

Attended several workshops of  Release and Improvisation dance Techniques.



Studies of Butoh Dance – (a dance form originated in Japan during the 1950s and developed world wide) and Body Weather Laboratories.

During this time I attended the following intensive weeks long and month’s workshops given by different butoh leaders:

 New York:  Workshop led by Sussana Arkelund at La Mama Theatre.

                          Workshop led by Maureen Fleming, Upstate New York.

                          Workshop led by Yumiko Yoshioka, La Mama Theatre

 San Francisco: Workshop led by Akira Kasai at the Arteaud Theatre.


Japan :    Three separate residences at the “Body Weather Farm” Summer workshops led by Min Tanaka creator of this investigations and vision , Hakushu.2000-2002

Amsterdam:    Body Weather Workshop led by Katherine Bakatsaki.2010

France:   Body Landscape workshop led by Frank van de Van (Body weather laboratory, Amsterdam)2011

Berlin:    Intensive weekend of Manipulations, workshop led by Frank van de Van. 2015

San Francisco:    “Dance in Land”; 3  intensive summer dance training led by Shinichi and Dana Iova-Koga.( June 2013 ,2014, 2016)

France :     Manipulation workshop led by Christine Quoiraud, from the family of Min Tanaka, July 2017



Thai Yoga  Massage Therapy Practitioner Training at Mudita School of Thai Yoga Massage, London2018

Advance Dynamic Thai Yoga and Rhythm technique at Mudita School of Thai Yoga


Anatomy and Physiology ITEC.


 Artistic Experience:

Several site/performances as part of MUE: dance and sound company based in Oxford since 2010.

Among many we could name a few memorable performances in Oxford at Ovada Art Gallery, Pegasus Theater and at I'Klectik Art-Lab in London.

As well as created a series of Outdoor /site specific performance in Oxford streets and open. A few images can be seen at our website.



Member of “Tokason” Butoh Dance Troup,led by Min Tanaka 2002, Japan.

I was invited to work and live with the Troup directed by leading artist, Min Tanaka.  We lived in the mountains of Japan where we farmed and trained the body intensively, culminating in performances in venues throughout Tokyo. We followed the “Body Weather” Technique founded by Min Tanaka, whose core principle was that as a dancer  only through radical physical experience the body could be retrain to move away from its own language so it can dance  the space. Min Tanaka worked closely with Hillikata, founder of Butoh.

‘Investigation of April’ :  Tokason performance at’ Plan B’ in Tokyo

‘Last Series of Goya’:  Tokason Performance at ‘Dance Hakushu Festival.’

 Solo Dance performance directed by Min Tanaka;  ‘Memory of the Skin’, Plan B,Tokyo.


 Independent Dance artist in New York and UK 2001/2017

 Dance and music Improvisational Butoh with Kendra Floyd and Shahzad Ismaily,

 Latest collaboration with Shahzad Smily

"  Edge "2014 ; Fire Station Art Center in Oxford.


 ‘Five Performances developed from the Body’ at 23 Windows, Brooklyn.

  ‘With no body’ at 23 Windows, Brooklyn.

  ‘With somebody’ at ‘The Cave Centre for the Arts , Brooklyn.


  Member of ‘Alienation Company’ led by Johaness Birringer, 1999 Houston Tx.


Teaching Experience

Guess teacher for Butoh UK, London Buddhist Art Center since 2015 till present.

Guess Teacher for Cafe Reason Butoh Oxford since 2010 till present.

Independent Teaching of a Series of Dance workshop at London Buddhist Art Center;


Leader of Workshop “Human Landscape”, a series of 3 outdoor dance workshops,  training and movement at Bristol Woods. A series of workshop in nature developed form my personal approach of Body Weather Technique, April 2013.


Recent Article by Johaness Biringer/ London 2016




Mobile: 07881347438