Through my time as a dancer, I have been inspired by the first movements of modern dance and its connections with nature that holds the hope of eternity. I  explore the spirit of a dance that sustains its approach by  methods of working with the body coming from German expressionism in Europe and the original Butoh from Japan.

I have been leading many different series of Dance Movement Classes and facilitating indoor and outdoor workshops/in London and Oxford.

I offer invitations open  to dancers and non dancers looking  to find space for practice and working with the body creatively and imaginatively. My practice is influenced by a number of  diverse approaches, including yoga ,Qui Gong, Nogushi Gymnastics, somatic Dance, Mindfulness in movement.

These are  dance invitations that follow the inspiration that moves me at the time:  "Finding  dance in the speed of the environment" was the latest  series of dance movement sessions I lead in 2018 at the dance studio of the Jericho Community Centre in Oxford for over a year.

As part of the weekly sessions, I  lead Body Laboratory  I called Body Live Labs in which dance and sound come together becoming the  creators of the space. So fortunate to have being  joined by great sound makers from the Oxford Improvisers and all the work being documented by the great photography of Andrew Bell.

Each session is unique and can be a group of 6, 4, 3 , or one to one and in collaboration  with great and experienced Improvisers.

Human Landscape are a series of Outdoor Workshops where dancers and non dancers are invited to explore in Nature. We aim to find the connections and subtle  changes  of the landscape that exist inside each of us and in relation to the environment  in which we live and move from.

Human Landscape at Bristol Woods, April 2013

Creative dance workshops for Kids .

These are Dance Movement workshops for kid between 8 and 12 years old with previous and non previous experience in dance.  I offer an opportunity for children to experience dance as an art, and grow in mental and physical confidence as their knowledge of their bodies' abilities increases .  Children learn basic principles of body awareness and use of their imagination through physical practice, basics Yoga principles and dance education. Kids learn how to move through rhythm and flow of energy, breathing, and posture. Improving flexibility , concentration and relaxation.

Previous series of Dance Movement I run in London.




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